How to use this Blog_

You can register to post discussion points and articles by clicking here. Once you’ve registered you’ll need to email us so we can add you as an Author.

You do not need to register to leave comments.

There are various discussions you can view and comment on, these are listed in the right hand column.

1.To start a discussion or post a discussion point you need to register and then log in.

2.Once you’ve done this you need to click ‘new post’ at the top of the screen.

3.To make you’re post part of an existing discussion you need to select the discussion category you want it to be part of when you post it.

e.g. to post in the reading list discussion you need to tick the box
next to ‘reading list’ in the list of categories when you write your

4. To start a new discussion you can create a new category when writing your post.
Please help to keep the blog tidy. Any questions? -don’t hesitate to contact the caretaker

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