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Social entrepeneurs and deschooling capitalism

So close but so far, the limits of the framework WORK IN PROGRESS Just found this, been thinking for ages about building a web platform that better serves GOS, found the perfect example. However -it’s a collaborative educational social network … Continue reading

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Education Forum

Saturday 22nd January 12.30pm-5pm at Partick Burgh Halls Right to the City Forum has been running events since last summer exploring ideas of community activism, spaces for discussion and our right to define our own lives. This time, as an … Continue reading

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School of Walls and Spaces, Copenhagen

As a response to the implementation of the Bologna-process at the Royal Danish Art Academy, The Movement of November the 26th. roamed through the rooms and hallways of the art academy, using the old castle as material for collective improvisation … Continue reading

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Free University of Glasgow

Click to access CommonSense02.pdf

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Glasgow Open School: Statement 2

Having a manifesto, something at the top, Pragmatic, definitive, or it is better to keep making statements that are separate that you could easily get rid of at the moment this is our frame work, this is why we’re here … Continue reading

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Collective reading session 1 sunday 5th Sept 3pm

To be read with a friend Hello, I’d / we’d like to propose a collaborative reading session to sound out some written ideas written, edited, recontexualized and bootlegged in’r suggested book and others to take place on SUNDAY at 3.00pm … Continue reading

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We invite you to make proposals for

overall structures of our involvement
methods of acting/reacting
over-riding frameworks, structures, and schedules
(i.e. A proposal to only step leftwards while in the festival, and we will only step rightwards during the non-festival and we will at all times salute Barry and Bryony – and nothing else )

imaginings, objects, installations
ideas for specific events/happenings
both collective and individual responses
(i.e. A proposal to execute a pot and pan orchestra between 6-9 pm on the 13th of November throughout the `Tramway)

There is no proposal too ___________________________. Continue reading

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‘Parabolas Del Agua’ -Cuban Artists Speak

Sunday 9th Aug 5pm at 61 West Princes St

We will be joined by Elizabet Cerviño, José Eduardo Yaque and Lester Alvarez Meno speaking about their exhibition at WASPS studios.

As Alvarez Meno says, their work focuses on the pretentious interest of men in nature and the ultimate indifference of the latter to express their situation as Cuban artists. Parábolas Del Agua will open a new conversation about making art within the two cultures of Cuba and Scotland. Continue reading

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Was thinking of repainting the old ‘no parking’ signs on either side of the stoop to 61 WP with some sort of signifier for the school. You can fit around 6 – 13 letters on each board. I wrote some ideas down below train of thought style without deleting any. Anyone got any others?


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erm, like, the situation is the performance

Below are some films from the making of mine and lauries performance of the Hotel Gilchrist exhibition which happened at A J and M’s on West Princes a couple of months ago. The films were shown in the performance of … Continue reading

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