Adaptations, Adorno and experimental film workshops

Hans Arp inspired chance cut out poster play for thiscollection

Hello Goslings,

Hope the new year is going well for all.

We would like to invite creative folk of all ilk who are keen to share or develop their practice to engage with poems from in any way shape or form. is a random collection of 100 100 word poems from postcodes in Edinburgh. The poets are from all walks of life, professionals to amatuers and as seeds to conversations we invite adaptations and discussions about the bounds of canon in a digital age, collective practice, critiques on crowdsourcing and the process of making art a right not a priviledge.

So far we have had proposals of a widerange of workshops from folk such as Dr Sound, Film Factory, Goddard/Tarkovsky and poetry on screen, Collective curating assemblies, Opensourcetheatre presents Property and Theft and Writing out Loud- poetry performance for beginners.

The starting point for all sessions/conversations are the poems from thiscollection verbal or non-verbal responses have been brewing and regularly showcased and evaluated. All works made through collaboration with are invited to be showcased as part of a slow conference in May 10-19th 2011 at The Glue Factory.

If you are interested in running a workshop do email: film[at] we have spaces available Jan -March 2011. The space is free to use and if you wish you may pass the hat for donations at the end of each session. Please send us a brief bio, rough description of the workshop and resources you may need.

To whet your appetite starting Jan 21st we have Austin Muirhead, Canadian born technical director of The Gulf Islands Film and Television Film School, stomping ground of documentary greats such as Jennifer Abbott of “The Corporation” and Brett Gaylor’s “Rip! A remix manifesto”. Austin has worked on various web and film productions such as Riese the Series, Time Before the Light and Charlie St. Cloud in a one day film workshop that covers the basic rules of filmmaking and invites you to break the rules in the FILM FACTORY. for more details and links please visit the blog for details and updates.

Viva Adorno and hope you will come commit aesthetic crimes with us.
Bicoastally yours,

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