Fortnightly Pedagogies Experimental Reading Group

Fortnightly(ish) from Tuesday 25th January 7pm-9pm
With tea and toast and vegan butter
Location: 2-2 / 12 Ruthven Street (near Hillhead Tube Station)

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How do we ‘know’ ?
How do we learn?
What is education?
Where is education?

Pedagogy ‘to lead the child’
the pedagogy of: the teacher/ the collective/ the class/ class/ the question/ the proposition/ the document/ silence/ cacophony/ discourse/ the metropolis/ the body/ the ear/ the vision/ prehension/ the dogma/ of no dogma/ the student/ the movementCan we continue to unground ourselves?

Lets make a pedagogy of reading/thinking about/ enacting within pedagogy

What is the pedagogy of everyday life?

– – – – – – – – – – –

Where do these come in?
Paulo Freire
Ivan Illich
That random conversation you had on the tube

How might we go about this?
Let’s make this less tedious than it sounds.

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1 Response to Fortnightly Pedagogies Experimental Reading Group

  1. Anonymous says:

    a possible framework for the ABCs of book readings

    shall we re-read (and re-read) [ The Black Cat….] book in a circular collective (as before) in different locations. For example, Transmission Gallery, GOMA lobby, City Council Lobby, the shore of Loch Fyne and everywhere else

    A. Everyone reads the same text, on their own – comes together and discusses. We move through each text slowly together, with analysis

    B. Everyone reads one part of the same text and relates to the group what they’ve read. We get through a subjective version of a long text “faster”

    C. Everyone brings their own object/text. We read/explain/experience these texts together and all at once. So person 1 has Freire person 2 has Illich person 3 has a documentary person 4 has their memories of primary school. They go ’round and each read/speak for 2 minutes and then the next person goes. A collage of materials.

    Let’s play with repetitive frameworks, invent new scores for new alphabets.

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