GLASGOW Protests – Recuperating Education

After the protests on the 24th of November in Glasgow, what are we to think and do?

All=Glasgow meeting of students against cuts, Monday 29th November 2010, CCA5, Centre for Contemporary Art, 17:00-20:30. FACEBOOK RUBBISH link

That 24th, it was all-over the news (no arrests, though on Friday 3 protestors were arrested outside the Glasgow University Union while a Conservative Students dinner was taking place):

NEWS from the last protests:
Herald Scotland
The Glasweigan
3 Arrests

VIDEOS from the last protests:
Alan Ferguson

In Leeds the ‘Really Open University’ was running educational events, there have been teach-ins at many unis, and in banks in London from the ‘University for Strategic Optimism (

How do we build a radical curriculum? Does g.o.s. just need to advertise itself better? Can we inflict what we have learned (have we learned anything?) upon other people? We have recordings – are we educational vanguards or a insulated project?

* * * * * * * * * * * * ps

Below is the Agenda for Monday 29th. Please do come maybe – we are radical, we are educational, we are the big society. (It is editable at: here.)


Glasgow-wide co-ordinating meeting,
called for Monday 29th November 2010,
17:00-20:30, CCA5, Centre for Contemporary Art, 350 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow

Timetable, process

17:00     Introductions (solidarity with: RMT and TSSA (Tube Strikes), student occupations across the country, those arrested on demonstrations)

17:10     Discussion of process (e.g., this document), facilitation, consensus-indicating methods (a decision to be made before proceeding).

17:20     Facilitated group discussion (groups of no more than 10 !):

‘Recuperation’, talk to: what happened on the 24th.

(Each group will have an assigned facilitator. Please remember that each group should also choose a minute-taker, and a spokesperson. Please try to spread the burden fairly.)

Suggested Topics
  • Successes/Failures
  • Media response
  • Public response
  • Institutional response
  • Police response
  • Tactics that were used
  • Route that was chosen
  • Leadership/non-leadership, stewarding?
  • Parallel actions/events, and their support
  • London, Whitehall
  • Anything else you feel needs saying.

18:00     Break for comfort

18:15     Facilitated group discussion (remixup of groups):

‘Mobilization’, talk to: what happens next?

Suggested Topics
  • 30th Nov.
  • 5th December
  • Involvement of existing political parties/movements (fair systems, trust)
  • Decision making processes (multi-party assent)
  • Ego vs communality
  • The role and structure of Glasgow-wide co-ordination
  • Spectrums of activism, and training opportunities.
  • Group safety/security
  • Broadening the movement
  • Anything else you feel needs saying.
  • Self-organised Education

19:00     Break for comfort
19:10     Spokesperson’s reports.
19:30     Open floor (?)
20:00     Decisions / windup
20:30     End. Civilization secure.

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