After the Evacuation

propose! contribute! come along! actively listen or passively gaze!

Here is the Google Doc with the original proposal



An empty flat, has been filling | Ground Floor 63 West Princes St | Friday 19th Nov

Set-up 12 – 5pm | Opening 7pm – 9pm |  Party 10pm – Late

to share, to eat some food with you, celebrate, dance, and party for the sake of friday

For what?
The Open School has been talking a lot recently about some ideas about the one and the multiple, our education, collective organisation, the self and other things. The Open School has been moving, playing, stopping, and feeling, trying to do this together.
So now there are some texts, voices, questions to share and offer up.
There will be food. Bring your favourite vegetable!
There will be gathered documents to present outwards
There will be live music
There will be a short film and there will be some screaming
There will be whatever you bring

PARTY with Live Bands 10pm – late

3pm – 5 pm Arika Instal Outro Talk – Glasgow School of Art Vic Bar – Renfrew Street
6pm – Food at 63 WestPrinces Street – Planning for Friday – Documentation Collection – Post-Instal Interviews

5 – 8pm At the Glasgow School of Art Vic Bar, Renfrew Street
Cross-University Planning Meeting for National Day of Action against Education Cuts

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2 Responses to After the Evacuation

  1. a proposal for Tuesday’s recordings (or will these recordings be throughout the week?)

    to further explore the desubjectified collective (following the Arika Delivers A Manifesto performance)

    perhaps we can collect/create an amount of sources in response to the event (or specific questions?) including from people not present, paper reviews, our own responses, imagined responses? and record not our own but someone else’s response, spreading the (de)subjective collective experience across our vocal chords, creating a performative aspect, and dispersing responsibility from the individual to the group?

    • emailed in says:

      exercising absence, invisible, nothing and such

      “everything is YES and NO is an option” nov 2010 post instal 10
      ‘evacuation of the great learning’ occupation/evacuation workshops, event

      stream of consciousness/threads of thought

      flux, action, political, warping, ideologies, dystopias, hedonism, energy,
      fantasies, unobjective, personal, challenges, nitemares, desires, habitual,
      facism, heirachies, health & safety, controls, experiments, performances,
      exits, fundamental, sympathies without sympnonies, melodramas, disimpassioned,
      emotions, maximal, empty gestures, vacuums of thought, mountains of ideas,
      implausible, impossible intention, negatives, recordings, moments, time passing
      faster than activities, persistence of memories, flashbacks, insights, nonsense,
      talk – lots of talk, non alignements, auxilliaries, stories, shyness, rudeness,
      disrespect, debates, groups, micro dramas, technical situations, encounters,
      friendships, allegiances, battles, confusions, co-opted, facilitations, imaginings,
      considerations, ballsups, failures, bare faced cheek, egotism, flaws, accomplishments,
      ordeals, fear, stage fright, boldness, courage in the face of futility and resistance,
      animal actions, feral, urban influences, industrial influences, histories, sharp breaths,
      panic, outpourings, stress, impact,confidence, capitulations, no carpentry, nihilism,
      bastardisation, desperation, rants,styles, empowerments, ambiguities, dualities,
      posturing, lies, incidents, micro stuff,appropriations,
      beliefs (shared/mistaken/fanatical/poigniant/debatable/important),
      occasional laughter, embarassment, smells, drinking, sitting, toileting, eating,
      biological involuntary influences, dearth of engagment with audience and wider networks
      during event, coloured places, philosphical chats, issues, pas, transmissions,
      transfering propositions, pooled resources, stroganoff, allergies, reactions,
      scaring away visitors, smiles, tediousness, flunked possibilities, unseized opportunities,
      medicines, fire service, faked fire drill, graceful body movements, disgraceful conceits,
      sabotage, subversions upon versions of versions of inappropriate verisons,
      reading of harrowing facts? affects, effects, defectualization, offensives, unrevolutionary,
      circles and spirals of discussion, suffocations, banana repblics, people, activated spaces,
      alignments, tarnished goals, crappyness, amateur, unprofessional, musicality,
      structures, symbiosis, parsitic, impasses, foolishness, non freaky, standard, catalogued,
      covers, showing off, divergent sensibilties, cacophanies, pools of tears, gallus acts,
      few languages, uninternational, no russian or KGB scenarios, napoleon complexes,
      declarations, papers, insparations for activists, provocations, troublemakers,
      lies & condemnations, imperatives, unbankable options, false hopes, interventions,
      interrogating local retail assistants, divided decisions, cut throat intentions, blockering,
      undermining proposals, inabilities, dynamics, cauterisations, witness & testimony,
      field recordings, sounds, something called music, spectators, no obvious blood sports,
      secular intentions, divorces & marriages of intentions, bust ups, fragmentations, gatherings,

      please utilise, add, return and mutate notes above.

      the sentiment perhaps where considering an evacuation could be?

      while it may not be possible to polish a collective turd and improve it.
      it is still possible to enjoy it in all its resplendent ugliness and function, being a mix of organic and inorganic waste substance
      itself a mixed bag creation and accumulation. that may prove nutritious, toxic or non malevolant stuff.

      reuse, recycle, reduce, reform, rummage

      whatever – its some form of outcome

      as nothing is very hard to achieve

      salvage something

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