poster for nus march 10.11.10Very excited to see what NUS has to say. Came across the Melbourne Model which like the Bologna Process seems to be a means to reducing arts and humanities to support more industrial partnerships. Lower the volume when you watch this 200 strong protest confronting the dean but it is a dramatic starting point to begin to understand the shape of higher education to come. The union even came up with a comedy satire musical a The Melbourne Musical targeting Vice Chancellor Glyn Davis ( raise eyebrows…but no relation… to GSA ) who is spearheading the change. He writes about the End of gatekeepers on the one hand the argument is terribly familiar almost a Parecon proposal of varied job distribution but read Andrew Ross’ No-Collar: The Humane Workplaceand Its Hidden Costs: Behind the myth of the New Office Utopia and then we should get serious about alternatives that involve the commons. For more information check the wapedia. Looking forward to the debate.

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