‘Preparing all objects for the evac and after’

The Score                                     The Departure                                   The Errata

Questions                                      The Framework                                 Us and Them

The Unofficial Group                   De\subjectify                                     The Manifesto

Arriving                                         Feed                                                     The Game

Bringing                                        Encompass                                         Why

Performing                                  Mise en Scene                                     Meeting

The Big Object                            The Workshop                                    The Riot

The Big Uneasy                           The Great Learning                           The Evacuation

The Objection                               Provocation                                        The Invitation

The Assesment Criteria             The £30,000                                      The 30 Staff

The Accomodation Offer          The Ticket at the End                       The Collective

The Recording                            The Friends                                         The Booze

The Entertainment                    The Expectation                                 The Framing

The Conceptual Writing            The Goods                                           The International Artists

Not-knowing                               The Critic                                             The Opportunity

The Salary                                    The Sex                                                 The Fans Screaming

For Nothing                                 For Good                                              For


How to go to Instal.
Can we prepare some artefacts to deliver into the future for the Open School to consider at Instal? Do we rely on body-memory-sentiments? Do we arrive and improvise?


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One Response to ‘Preparing all objects for the evac and after’

  1. liamcasey says:

    er, i think we should compile some lists of data about the situation
    -balance sheets of glasgow life, tramway,arika,us lot -other economic data
    And a secret group?
    maybe some instal survival packs?
    what about a P.A attached to a bike trailer?
    or just a megaphone?

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