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“Remove the observer, and the world becomes devoid of these sonorous, visual, olfactory, etc., qualities, just as the flame becomes devoid of pain once  the finger is removed.”

Quentin Meillassoux


“Love is a battlefield.”

Pat Benatar


g.o.s.@Transmission Gallery Self-Org Org Forum
Sunday 31st October  1pm – 4pm at Transmission Glasgow

Glasgow Open School, along with other “self-organized” groups (odd phrase that, what does it mean, did I self-organize my breakfast this morning?) [scratch] will be “presenting” “something” at the Transmission Gallery (Trongate 103, Glasgow). [scratch]

Based on difficulties with Cornelius Cardew’s The Great Learning and some very pleasant giggles and leanings coming out of explorations in embodiment we have created a ‘score’ by “adjusted aleatoric processes” (putting things together randomly and then changing them it so it all actually works together) in order to display some aspects of ‘our’ |processes| and then explore what its like to be in a room|planet of people.

Should be fun. Expect leanings, learnings, singings and thinkings.



Pat Benatar
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