Alain Badiou The Event as Creative Novelty

Alain Badiou intrigues in reference to Aristotle’s Metaphysics with propositions to “ease” the concerns some may have on “the brutal use of duality” on being in alternatives/autonomous spaces as contextualised in a larger fight against classical logic.
The Q&A is more interesting as it goes be patient to uncover some real gems in particular his discussion on money as fundamentally antagonistic because it is by nature circulation itself not an objective. He has a new talk about activist art will look out for that and post if I find it.
Keen to hear thoughts, it is quite dense but maybe if someone else listens and shares I can understand it better.

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4 Responses to Alain Badiou The Event as Creative Novelty

  1. emiliabee says:

    Here is the video of the lecture “does the notion of Activist Art still have a meaning”

  2. TomB says:

    If it’s decided that Badiou is a person of interest for GOS I’d be more than happy to contribute to any discussion/introduction later this month/early next month.

  3. vos says:

    ‘Nature is parts without a whole’

    Albert Caeiro from ‘The Keeper of Sheep’

    ‘I also have my crochet
    It dates from when I began to think.
    Stitch on stitch forming a whole without a whole…
    A cloth, and I don’t know if it’s for a garment or for nothing.’

    Alvaro de Campos

  4. victoryoverthesun says:

    Perhaps it may be helpful to consider alongside a piece like ‘The Event in Deleuze’.
    To keep in mind the struggle to think of multiple without the one
    – multiple without a whole.
    The event…
    …”must be subtracted from Life in order to be released to the stars.”

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