Sounding Together – Going Fragile


How can we crack open the idea of a ‘reading group’?  Shake it loose from some of its more familiar trappings, making it ‘fragile’.

Through thinking  about the upcoming Noise & Capitalism book reading I thought it would be interesting to experiment with combining more performative methods into the investigation by recording-documenting (with dictaphones, mobile phones, cameras or objects etc) our responses to the texts we will be reading. This opens up the interpretation of the text as it will not just be limited to polite verbal communication:

How do you record the sound of your indifference to the text? 

How would you represent your procrastination – wash the pots? 

Can you represent the space/time that may influence your reading?

We could then choose documents at random, listen/watch them and use this to guide the discussion, creating a montage of our thoughts, ponderings screams and screeds.

Moleskins optional.

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2 Responses to Sounding Together – Going Fragile

  1. tadramgo says:

    Page 1 (Page 19) of 5 of reactions to Gannin Fradgeel.

    Explicitly insecure, constantly,

    How my situation stagnate my other circumstances.
    The alienation effect of the avant-garde
    maintain a line of enquiry, come back out.
    Capitalism is very happy
    This is going fragile: Emilia's Black Cat
    instruments of social living, body, forms.
    Is destruction necessarily creative? Surely contradiction and reaction in their purest form can only occupy the opposing idea or figure to that it reacts against; and therefore is as much controlled and defined bu the ideas and shapes of that figure which it resists. As much rigidly defined as is the positive place/shape that is the home of the antagonist.

  2. Liam says:

    There has been a lot of framing of what we are going to do at Instal from other people involved, where does this leave us with what we can bring to the ‘workshop’? Is there a particular sort of thing, mode of practice, philosophical realm that we should be bringing? what is the expectation?
    I feel a bit constricted with our by proxy engagement with our inevitable collaborators.
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarh – – – – – – – – – – – – – wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    another listening session?
    more embodying.
    we can talk together -intimate knowledge of each others forms of speach, sound of voice, possible intellectual reactions, minds outwards, critcism spoken
    But what does it feel like to express our thoughts bodily? i dream of rolling in a bundle on the floor – tom’s chest filling with air as he inhales, the pressure of his expanding torso transfering in to my back -a communication of intense warmth, movement, tension, slow breathing -an embodied knowing together -one sincere moment but one of a process of discovery, one with a trajectory and an engagement with situation.

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