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Tom Coles speculates realism AND Arika’s Manifesto Delivery

Thursday 4th November 7pm at 61 West Princes Street ARIKA’S MANIFESTO PROPOSAL: Dear GOS. I would like to make a proposal to you, and to ask whether you could help with something I am doing for INSTAL.  I have to … Continue reading

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Planning post-Instal: Finding Space: To dwell, to host, to camp, to share

Monday 1st November -7pm at 61 West Princes Street An evening of planning for the week of activity post-Instal. The general idea proposed a few weeks ago by Open School was:“From the 15th – 20th November Flats and other spaces … Continue reading

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Transmission Gallery Self-Org Forum

“Remove the observer, and the world becomes devoid of these sonorous, visual, olfactory, etc., qualities, just as the flame becomes devoid of pain once  the finger is removed.” Quentin Meillassoux   “Love is a battlefield.” Pat Benatar   g.o.s.@Transmission Gallery … Continue reading

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Performing Cornelius Cardew’s Great Learning

What’s the score? Framework: we are an assembled orchestra. we will give it a bash. Anyone got any more info on this? Great Learning Contents Page after the great learning VV

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Kinning Park Forum: Beyond Cuts

Saturday 30th October  – 12.30pm-5pm at Kinning Park Community Centre Right to the City Forum This is an open invitation to all those who seek to overcome political sectarianism, respect difference, and develop new and ongoing models of cultural and … Continue reading

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Self-organisation at the level of sensory perception

Thursday 28th October -7pm at 61 West Princes Street Following on from the embodiment and sensory perception workshop some of the participants will introduce some of the practice to people at the Open School. This could include learning to eat … Continue reading

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Reading Together – Ray Brassier’s Genre is Obsolete

Thursday 21st October -7pm at 61 west Princes Street Towards INSTAL event ‘Evacuation of the Great Learning’ -with Mattin and Ray Brassier – Come prepared to unground yourself. This is not your average book reading: Please read the chapter Genre … Continue reading

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Alain Badiou The Event as Creative Novelty

Alain Badiou intrigues in reference to Aristotle’s Metaphysics with propositions to “ease” the concerns some may have on “the brutal use of duality” on being in alternatives/autonomous spaces as contextualised in a larger fight against classical logic. The Q&A is … Continue reading

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TOGETHER EDITING A complicated being together

Below find the working document for our response to ARIKA’s INSTAL bumpf that is a highly adapted version of their ideas for the festival. Anyone may edit, just go to this link: We will be having/have had a LIVE … Continue reading

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Alternative Symposiums

Check in with these guys, QMU and London’s crowd hold full day podcast symposiums, sharing music, debates and posting it immediately on their blogs. Open space could totally do the same. This is the discussion I was telling you about … Continue reading

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