Bob Green -Left Vision, Is there one?

Tuesday 28th September – A discussion on solidarity -6pm at 61 West Princes Street

Please Join Us for this Talk by Bob Green, Glasgow based Community Activist and Common Good Campaigner

“Previously we had always been able to come back. We had been poor before and we had been defeated before. But we had always had that vision that we could come back. That vision is gone and that loss of vision is the most damming consequence of that 14 years of struggle.”
Dave Douglass, talking on the miners strike

We need to ask why in a period of so much activity, mass rally, new age activism, and political discourse – results in so little achievement for working people. Is it a lack of overarching aims that is preventing the widening of the movement for change? I would argue it is. The expansion of identity politics in the left over the last 40 years or so is to the detriment of a common vision – has created the politics of the merry go round – destined to repeat itself – sometimes offering everything in ideas and very little in the way of understanding of how things can be achieved on the ground.

Even through the periods of the miners strike and the harsh brutalities of the Thatcher government – there was some kind of vision or common dream of where we were going collectively, and in activist solidarity with a working class vision. How do we find that vision again and how was it lost – is where we could start.

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