Glasgow Open School: Statement 3

A process of action, thinking and consequence.

Throw out, sprinkle everywhere.

Every day a different event, every event different. Every week a different statement. What we are doing this very moment is what we are doing this very moment, and for ever so on: manifestos designed to perish.

Ways of documenting that let people come into the session without feeling they haven’t been part of previous conversations – accessibility.

Discussion groups; in a different setup. An element of improvisation over ever aspect of what happens in the room. Using the practise, the praxis – art – music – that we are able to do, to deveop new social behaviours that are seen as tactless or/and embarrassing. Alternative reading methods – with no words. Page by page, face by face, toe by toe a space to do things that we don’t usually do.

Want to find ways of functioning without participating directly in society, doing things for yourself without having to confine yourself to what you traditionally do? Tell us how.

Focus on specific things, rather than the meta-conversation, avoid the tangents. Where appropriate.

Actual practical methods. Uneasy, unstable, degrounding, improvisation, unbehagen. Depart from traditional viewpoints through which you view/engage in society. Developing a core methodology. Going back into the same considerations as before, as previously. I.e. continual relinquishment (for ever?)

Though maybe the repetition is a structure in itself; that we can’t say for definite: this what we’re doing, go. I.e.: something to do with listening.

Poetics are alienating (to some).

A post-box? A way of adding information to the group as quickly as possible. Chip chip chip.

Engaging with other world-wide organizations.

Minimal commitment to respond.

More advertising for less advertisements!

1. A class on Knots

2. A class on Shells

3. A class on Mushroom Gathering

4. Many classes on Building a Mezzanine

5. A class on First Aid

6. A class on ‘Woodlands Visioning’, with Hannah

7. An anti-class on Psychogeography.

8. How to build your own Straw-bale House.

9. How to skin a drum.

10. How to skin a rabbit, pluck a pheasant, grease a pig and wrestle a hare (problematic).

11. How to build a mattress -sized chaos pad (single, double or king-size (queen-size?).

12. A class on how to respond to Julia. (Play the piano like I’m dead inside it.)

13. Julia teaches people to scream.

14. A class on Eco-Friendly Hedges (a Hedge eco-system), making a Magpie trap. But not a lobster pot.

Glasgow Open School

(tomC on behalf of, as (problematic) recording device)

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