Kinning Park Forum

– Saturday 11th September at 12:30.  Kinning Park Complex

‘This is an open invitation to all those who seek to overcome political
sectarianism, respect difference, and develop new and ongoing models
of cultural and political activity in a time where the need for such
organisation is self-evident. Please distribute widely.’

Kinning Park Complex, Cornwall Street, Glasgow, G41 1AQ
(opposite Kinning Park Underground)
‘Following on from the last ‘Right to the City’ dialogue event, where
the kinds of language used stood out as a concern for those organising
grass-roots initiatives, this next exchange will explore issues
arising from the Burgh Angel, a community newspaper based in Maryhill:’
‘The Burgh Angel is but one of many community initiatives in the city,representing one set of possibilities for community organising, but for the purposes of this event Burgh Angel offers the possibility of opening up a wider discussion around community media and community
organising. Burgh Angel are also organising the facilitation of the meeting.’

There will also be space at the end for discussion of the
direction/organisation of the forum as a space for exchange and collaboration, and for developing forthcoming events.

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