Discussion of proposals at 61 West Princes Street on Monday 6th September at 6pm.

We invite us to make proposals for

overall structures of our involvement
methods of acting/reacting
over-riding frameworks, structures, and schedules
(i.e. A proposal to only step leftwards while in the festival, and we will only step rightwards during the non-festival and we will at all times salute Barry and Bryony – and nothing else )

imaginings, objects, installations
ideas for specific events/happenings
both collective and individual responses
(i.e. A proposal to execute a pot and pan orchestra between 6-9 pm on the 13th of November throughout the `Tramway)

There is no proposal too ___________________________.

We will meet on Monday 6th of September at 6 pm to go over proposals and solidify an overall structure along with a series of proposals to present to Arika in the near future.

Please bring/send all ideas, suggestions and proposals even if you are unable to attend the meeting on Monday.
After Monday there will be the opportunity to develop the structure, specific components and extra bits too.

Arika’s schedule is as follows:

November 12-21st
12-14th Instal ‘festival’ weekend afternoon/evening ish
15-19th Congress – all day
20-21st Instal ‘non-festival’ weekend ???

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