Glasgow Open School: Statement 1

Glasgow Open School: Statement 1

Constantly on a tightrope – occasionally on the floor. Learning still has some movement to it. We should just write ‘uneasy school’, but it sounds like everything is really hard (some things are, some things aren’t). There is a problem in making statements in certain languages that exclude – images can be responded to, sounds can be responded to, touch can be responded to.

Love is difficult to talk about.

We have an interest in _______________. Leaving some blanks.
Words aren’t words outside of words.

Play say think do say think do play think do say play do play say think.

We feel hopeful. Trust, peril.
Today the sun is shining,
Something might happen.

written on Sunday
submitting to something

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4 Responses to Glasgow Open School: Statement 1

  1. emiliabee says:

    i propose that we explore and employ distribution/printing/copying techniques for these non-manifestos , some small hands on art projects involving paints/typewriters/copy machines/diy screen printing/ ????

    • Liam Casey says:

      Maybe we could propose this for next tuesday? a time that doesn’t clash with veg lessons? I think this could be a performing out to public session – thinking about painting street signs, making banners too. We can report back on the proposal to grow for a community noticeboard at the community garden.
      where are we coming from? what are our motivations for mediating relations with others through performing objects to them?

      • tadramgo says:

        p.s. I have a couple of printing presses at home, and some movable type. Also screen printing is easy peasy (you can make your own recycled paper easy, you can make your own ink by boiling up grass / onion skins etc).

  2. tadramgo says:

    Discuss, distribute?

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