instal 2010 (uneasy/instal)

We are taking the instal festival as an object for consideration. The issues/problems/facts that we have identified (and have to resolve or accept) may be:

  1. Influence: does engaging with another organization automatically impart some of the features of that organization to us? Especially concerning limits and boundaries
  2. Autonomy: how do we avoid losing our own control over how we act / perceive / think when we are  engaging with an organization? Are there ways of acting in tandem: or must we follow?
  3. Reaction: it is a emerging feature of our discussions to ‘distrust’ anything we are presented with (including and especially our own assumptions): do we need to assume and accept some carefully chosen values in order to move forward?
  4. An Event: we are attempting to create a ‘event’/’situation’/’performance’/’intervention’/’interception’/’gig’/’discussion’/’explosion’. In short, a period of time which engages with a wider society. How, and how to not be scary (though maybe be perilous)?

As always, this is all potentially lies. Thoughts?


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One Response to instal 2010 (uneasy/instal)

  1. emiliabee says:

    Some more questions/thoughts/ideas/themes/unease (Notes from First attempt at a Listening and meeting with Arika)

    What does ‘experimental’ mean? In relationship to music, art, community, social action? See: the role of music in social movements and the realization that “sound is movement”

    The borders between performer and audience/ listener and creator

    The value of non-linguistic communication via art/music/? to express the ineffable,

    How we deal with the specific context of this event challenging our own/our group values/experiments in “diy” movements in terms of location, funding, etc.

    What music/communities/etc. does Instal festival exclude?

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