erm, like, the situation is the performance

Below are some films from the making of mine and lauries performance of the Hotel Gilchrist exhibition which happened at A J and M’s on West Princes a couple of months ago. The films were shown in the performance of the exhibition in Lauries bedroom which had a big advert on the door with a video still from the films. Some of the artists exhibiting upstairs said they thought we were ‘taking the piss’ out of the exhibition, in particular their own work.

In the above film, Laurie is talking through a microphone about how to set up the space. At other points we were talking about art as process or as objects. We were trying to figure out how to complete our task of constructing a performance in the context of the exhibition, our status as amateurs and dealing with expectations of delivering value in this scenario.


We didn’t really know what to do so we started focusing on this.


(would you agree with this, laurie?)

Then, at some other point. We were recording with a mirror so we could distort our usual way of communicating. We weren’t really sure why. It felt like it was easier to un-derstand each other (an important strategy). We were playing with screens too- and performance- which is sometimes quite flat or viewed at quite right angles. L.T.H.F.E but i’m talking about a T type.


There was an overwhelming sense of trying to understand (all degrees of) performativity as a social device and its potential in


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