Uneasy Walk

At our last session (Tues 13th July) there was  a consensus for taking a walk.
Therefore at our next session (Tues 20th July 6pm) we will go for this walk.

There were various options for walking, some of the choice ingredients for the sort of walk we wish to take include:

  1. Purposeful/purposeless (do we have a destination, or do we change direction ‘at random’, but as a group).
  2. Where is the collective? (do we choose a location together, or individually. Do we go to that location individually, or as a group? Is the interest in going together, experiencing together, or reacting together?
  3. Aleatory (randomness) concerns. Do we select a destination, or do we choose at random (throw of the dice etc)?

The discussion selected 1. Purposeful (prefixed destination), 2. Collectively (travel as a group) 3. Destination chosen at random.

All of these selections will be re-discussed at the session.

The actual process of the Walk will be formed from the actual Walking. However, some considerations that can be made (or discarded) include:

  1. Should we appropriate found objects into our Walk; should we return with them?
  2. Should we produce artefacts from the process; should they be audio, visual, physical, memorial?
  3. Should we be making deliberative movements and actions; should we avoid deliberation?
  4. How does our status change in relation to those around us and the spaces we inhabit because of our intentions and actions?
  5. Is it immoral to enjoy walking (in non designated walking areas); what does it mean to ‘kill time’?
  6. Are we separating ourselves needlessly?
  7. What do we do when it rains?

(If you have any more, please add them)

(The video below is a discussion about what it is acceptable to do where, when and to whom in our current society. Background material to accept or reject.)

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2 Responses to Uneasy Walk

  1. theessentialskills says:

    Big distinction between walking in familiar and non-familiar areas. Different ways of interacting with spaces that we already knew and ones we were seeing for (nearly) the first time.

    Attempts to situate ourselves by known landmarks (“Have we crossed the Kelvin yet?”) – will those new areas we saw now act as known landmarks in future walks? Interesting layers of knowledge built up, do they adapt to new ones being added or are they independent of each other?

    Lots of postmodern estates – quoting anything from modernist to Roman architecture. Retrospectively, this fits intriguingly with the strange anachronistic patterns to the speech reproduced on the statue at the top of Kelvingrove Park – whether he was talking about an army he can see physically, or one he can see theoretically existing in the future. Mixture of space/time. Here’s a picture – http://www.flickr.com/photos/allmodjohns/228360048/. Also fits with Tom C’s observation of the railway bridge – “it’s stone made to look like cast iron”.

    Not bitten by ants.

  2. liamcasey says:

    Found the uneasy walk quite easy.
    Found an old trainline with platforms.
    The sound of the bread factory and the pulsating metal shutters by the sawdust on the floor and the smell of pigs.

    BBC Breathing Places Cities make a place for nature near you bbc.co.uk/breathingplaces on the side of the squirrels -something is definately happening here.

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