Proposition for a Listening

I propose a meeting in the form of a Listening

with the intention of exposing each other/ourselves to sounds we probably have not heard before, to explore the realms of hearing and listening, and to share rhythms and vibrations

at which people are invited/asked to contribute something for listening to/with

including, but not limited to:

-‘obscure’ music, music that is not music

-something created ‘live’

-analog and/or electronic amplifying devices


I propose also that this Listening take place in the dark/near dark in order to enhance the aural effects, and with as little speaking as necessary – unless the speaking is the source to be Listened to, or afterwards in reflection

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7 Responses to Proposition for a Listening

  1. bhelhesten says:

    Is there anymore enthusiasm for another meeting to work on the ideas that came up in the listening group? I think it might be interesting to cut back on the exploration of objects/improvising so long periods of group silence, or ‘collective listening’ can take over. This time we could bring sounds we would like to share with each other. This could be recorded sounds (a place of work?), or even an object. If anybody wants to borrow a dictaphone to record anything interesting they might have heard, let me know and I can loan you one.

    • liamcasey says:

      Hi Ben, i’d be interested in trying this out. It seems to kind of fit with Emilia’s proposed guidelines below. Also we’re thinking of doing a spatial mapping event at Tramway or elsewhere to try and extract some ideas for INSTAL -on tuesday we seemed to agree to focus some specific sessions on sources related to tramway/INSTAL/Arika/southside/ourselves – you’re dictaphone could be useful for this mapping? Might try and sort this out as an event for Monday night.

  2. emiliabee says:

    Baby Steps towards a Revised Propositional Guidelines for a Listening

    1. Everyone is invited to bring sound(s) for sharing.
    2. The nature of the sound should not be revealed prior to the Listening.
    3. The sound can be of any means, medium form, or length
    4. The sound could be recorded, live, improvised, non-existent, found, created, intendend, or of any other imaginable source.
    5. Only one sound will be presented/performed at one time during the Listening
    6. The sounds will be presented in an order – to be allocated at random. Each person will only know whose sound will be presented prior to theirs.
    7. Each person will decide when to begin the presentation of the sound.
    8. The ending of each sound and therefore the beginning of the subsequent sound will be decided by the person presenting the following sound (the final sound will be ended by the first person to sound.
    9. There should be no speaking, unless the speaking is the sound for listening.

    These guidelines are decisive, but subject to the whim and knowledge of the future.

  3. liamcasey says:

    Proposition for Guidlines for a Listening

    Everyone will bring sound(s) to be shared for the first GDIY Listening Event which will take place on 3rd of August 2010 and will begin at 6:08 pm.

    The sound(s) can be of any means, form, medium or length.

    The sound(s) could be recorded, live, improvised, intended, created, found, amplified or of any other imaginable source.

    One may begin and end their sound(s) at any given point during the listening, even if the previous sound(s) is still in progress.

    There will be as little speaking as necessary during the event unless the speaking is the sound for listening.

    The Listening will take place in near-darkness.

    After the listening, space and time for reflection in writing and dialogue

    These guidelines are decisive but subject to the whim and knowledge of the future.

  4. liamcasey says:

    yes, let’s do this! how about dialogues of listening? -hmmmm?
    what can you hear?

    • Ben H says:

      This is a really great idea! Me and Liam are currently sorting out the details of a gig in the flat so maybe we could have a ‘listening event’ before in the afternoon? Although, this isn’t until the 22nd October! So something should definitely happen before then. I think a listening event has the potential to break with the familiar gig experience and we could even get some of the musicians who are playing in the evening to participate-improvise.

      • liamcasey says:

        I like this idea, how do you feel after the last listening? I think we should play around with frameworks for listening a bit over the next few months. It’d be great to get the musicians who are coming to perform to do it too. We could do the listening around 6pm and then do the gig at 8ish.

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