Indymedia UK stands for Indymedia United Kollektives. An increasing number of imc collectives in the UK have their own pages on the IMC UK website or elsewhere. IMC UK is part of the worldwide network of Independent Media Centres (IMCs), focuses on Britain, and is also an intermediary for information from other parts of the world. Imc groups in the UK collaborate on sharing contents and resources amongst themselves and with the global IMC network. The main element of Indymedia UK is the website; this platform generates a variety of other activities including video-production, film-screenings, printed materials and public interventions.

The DIY media workers of the Indymedia United Kollektives operate within a network of radical UK media groups, individual contributors and IMC supporters. Volunteers of Indymedia United Kollektives act as moderators on the IMC UK website. We aim to live up to the following principles:

  • Indymedia United Kollektives works on a non-hierarchical basis
  • we reject all systems of domination and discrimination
  • we acknowledge that the struggle for a better world takes many forms. The focus of the Indymedia UK collective is on grassroots politics, actions and campaigns
  • Indymedia United Kollektives does not have any ties with political parties or larger NGOs
  • we understand that by lobbying there will be no radical change. As a collective our attitude is assertive, and where necessary confrontational

Inherent in the mainstream corporate media is a strong bias towards Capitalism’s power structures, and it is an important tool in propagating these structures around the globe. While the mainstream media conceal their manifold biases and alignments, we clearly state our position. Indymedia UK does not attempt to take an objective and impartial standpoint: Indymedia UK clearly states its subjectivity.

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