Room of Flexibility at 61 WP

I’d like to propose space in my flat at 1/1 61 West Princes Street as space for flexible usage.

A bedroom with windows, floor space measuring 7 x 5m
A boiler cupboard that we could possibly use as a library

  • The space could be used as a place to find out information about the workings of the school, could be cleared for movement events, could be set up with tables and chairs, could be used for painting etc
  • The space is equipped with wireless internet access for all participants and visitors, it also has tea and coffee, and use of kitchen and bathroom
  • The space would incorporate a cupboard sized library of donated media which can be freely copied and used for study.

I’m in the process of constructing a mezzanine, which should be finished in the following week (by 25th July), to lift my personal bedroom space up off the floor.


  • The Space would be accessible to all from 10am to 9pm every day. Entry may be refused in very rare situations when specific levels of privacy are required by myself and the other resident. We’d be happy to discuss this further…
  • Anyone is free to organise an event/investigation in the space, check with me to make sure the slot is free.


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One Response to Room of Flexibility at 61 WP

  1. tadramgo says:

    I’ll provide some photocopies / books for the library.

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